Monday, 25 February 2013


The problem with growing up is that you have an idea in your mind of how you're going to look as a woman. As there's not a lot of information given to you about the female form besides periods and the birds and the bees, I assumed that getting past puberty would get rid of the awkward buds attached to my chest that seemed to go through different stages of growth.

Some women grow up to have symmetrical breasts, although it is rare for them to be perfectly even. However it is accepted that slight asymmetry is the norm. This anatomical nuance is of little concern to most women but there are some of us who notice a large size difference and it impacts greatly on body image. It can seriously affect some women's self esteem.

The term ‘Asymmetric Breasts’ usually refers to breasts that differ in size by at least one cup size, which may become noticeable during puberty as the breast tissue starts to develop. Subsequently, as the years progress, the asymmetry may become more obvious to the point where it is unflattering and even embarrassing for a woman. 

Asymmetric breasts can be corrected with surgery but it is important to realise that although one may be bigger than the other, there is nothing wrong with you. Almost 99% of women have asymmetrical breasts and in 40% of those cases, there is a cup size or more in difference. Breasts and nipples come in all shapes and sizes and I have included several pictures of breasts that are perfectly normal:

Share your thoughts in the comments section and if you need to talk to someone about breast asymmetry, there is a great helpline called Get Connected and you can contact them by emailing:

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