Sunday, 11 December 2011


I know a lot of gay people and one of my best friends is gay; he's known his orientation since he was quite young but only came out of the metaphorical closet about a year ago. Many people say that homosexuality is a choice and that they CHOOSE to be that way, but my question to those people is: when did you CHOOSE to be heterosexual? The answer is that you didn't, you just DON'T choose, you don't look at someone and decide you like their gender, that's not the way it works! People are born as they are and the world would be a whole lot happier if there was equality and acceptance. 

I think some homophobic people are under the assumption that the gay people are going to chase them down the streets trying to dry hump them. It's so irrational to think that gay people don't have the same rights as heterosexuals. We're all people! This just brings us back to the days where black people were discriminated against, and to what end? It took a long time but they have rights now aswell, and once certain people get a grip on themselves then gay people will be treated with the same respect as everyone else. 

Unfortunately that's just not happening now! They're not allowed to marry or adopt, in some countries gay people aren't allowed to give blood despite the shortage at donor banks, the list goes on and there are many people who stand back and watch this, including some who actually cheer this on.

Just to clarify because sometimes these terms are confused: homosexuality is attraction to the same sex, bisexuality is attraction to both sexes and heterosexuality is attraction to strictly the opposite sex. 

Despite laws that say otherwise, gay people receive the greatest percentage of harassment in the workplace. In fact, Ireland is lucky when compared with America; some states in the country are still legally allowed to fire gay people simply because of their sexual orientation. Everyone needs to chill out! Being around a gay person does not make you gay in the same way as being around someone who is religious doesn't make you adopt their beliefs. You are what you are.

And on another note, you can be completely heterosexual but still have certain curiosities about the same sex. There's nothing wrong with that, and when some people leave the family home and attend college there is a certain independence that comes with it that can lead to experimentation. It doesn't make someone gay and hey, everyone's dabbled! There shouldn't be anywhere NEAR as much judgement!

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