Monday, 10 October 2011


With the absence of knowledge comes ignorance. Teenagers having unprotected sex in European countries have increased exponentially. For example, in France the percentage has risen an unbelievable 111%. With the widespread availability of contraception, either the recession has hit so hard we can't afford to fork out for something as important as a condom, or teenagers have just become less intelligent. 

It's not just pregnancy, there are also STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) that are a worry factor. These are extremely easy to pick up through unprotected intercourse and some can have life long effects. For example, Herpes.
There are a lot of reasons why these teenagers are not using protection. The main one seems to be that there are no condoms on hand. Some say that it 'ruins the mood' or that it doesn't feel as good. You know what doesn't feel good? Pushing a baby out of your vagina at the tender age of sixteen!

Another reason for unprotected sex is that either partner was drunk at the time. In Ireland especially however, due to the Christian ethos, a lot of Irish teenagers are uninformed and lack the knowledge of the different areas of contraception. Information is key here. Studies show that teenagers that take vows of abstinence are just as likely to have sex as a teenager who did not take a vow. They are also much more likely to have unprotected sex due to ignorance of contraception or religious views on using contraception. The result is a rise in teenage pregnancies and a lot of angry parents.