Wednesday, 15 January 2014


I refuse to eat cauliflower. They're tasteless and they look like an alien/mushroom hybrid of some kind. They're just icky! Many people find themselves repulsed by certain foods, and no amount of nagging from parents is going to get it down your throat. The same can be said for semen, though I'm assuming your parents won't be encouraging you to eat that! It's a bit of a gray area, but the majority of women that I've talked to find semen 'icky', the same view as my feelings for cauliflower, although admittedly not the same ball park. 

At some point in your life, you may find yourself staring down a penis that's about to ejaculate. Several thoughts could be running through your head. For instance, what if it gets in my eye? What if it tastes bad? Do I spit it out? Do I swallow it? Can I get pregnant if I swallow it? (The answer to the last one is NO by the way, just to clear it up). 

Surprisingly, semen may have quite a few health benefits. According to News Medical, there are mixed reports regarding the benefits of consuming semen. Some studies suggest that absorption of semen past the vaginal mucus membrane lining its inner walls has positive effects like reducing depression and reducing the likelihood of breast cancer. 

Women who have chronic morning sickness may be suffering this because of the presence of antibodies that destroy the proteins or antigens present in her sexual partner's semen. Having oral sex and swallowing the semen of her partner may help make the pregnancy safer and more successful as the woman is swallowing her partner's antigens. It sounds crazy but when you think it over it starts to make sense. The body is attacking something it isn't familiar with. Maybe a few shots of semen throughout the pregnancy, or even a few weeks before if it's planned, could help with that. 

There are some possible dangers to ingesting semen, however, as semen can contain several viruses that may be sexually transmitted past bodily fluids from an infected man. The most common examples are HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), hepatitis B and C, herpes and chlamydia. If you've decided that you want to swallow the semen of your partner, you need to be sure that they are STD free, otherwise you're taking a risk. Things like a cut in your mouth, or bleeding gums from flossing could be ideal entry-ways for STDs to sneak in and wreak havoc. 

Whether you spit or you swallow, or you give oral sex with the aid of a condom, just make sure you're being safe and that nobody is making you do something you don't want to. Swallowing semen can be pleasant for some, and unpleasant for others, but it doesn't make you any less of a sexual partner if you decide it's not for you. 

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